How to buy Altcoins (Cryptocurrency) in India

There are thousands of Crypto-Currencies. And you are free to invest in any of the available coins. So invest wisely only hundreds or maybe dozens of coins will sustain themselves as most of them are just copy cat. Only few of them have unique application and identity.

You only have Rupee i.e, fiat currency with you. You need to exchange your Rupee into Bitcoinsor Ripple first to buy the rest of the coins.

To Buy Bitcoin

Most popular Bitcoin exchanges in India are Unocoin and Zebpay which allows you to use your rupee to buy Bitcoin.

Other wallets are CoinSecure, CoinMama, Changelly, LocalBitcoins, etc.

To Buy Ripple

Not very known beta version of BTCxIndia will allow you to buy Ripple using your rupee directly, it’s alpha version was popular as Bitcoin Exchange.

To buy all other Alt-Coins

Now, once you bought Ripple or Bitcoin or both, transfer your asset to those exchanges which allows you to trade other Cryptocurrencies.

The most popular exchanges are Poloniex and Kraken to buy the rest of the Alto-Coins.

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